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Contact lens care

*If you would like to use insurance benefits for contacts or check if there is a rebate available for your contacts, please email us or send us a message via our 'Contact Us' page. We are happy to look into it for you and get you the contacts you need!

Contact lens care:

  • Always wash hands thoroughly before inserting or removing contacts.

  • Store contacts in proper case with approved solution.

  • Replace contact lens solution daily.

  • If contacts are not worn for more than 1 week, replace the solution and restore the contacts.

  • Do not store or rinse contacts with water, saliva, or anything other than approved contacts lens solution.

Risks and warnings:

  • Contact lenses are a foreign object in your body and if not cared for properly, they can lead to infection, loss of vision, or blindness.

  • Call Brookings Vision Center if you have any of the following signs or symptoms:

    • Red eye

    • Pain in eye

    • Light sensitivity

    • Sudden blurred vision

    • Burning/stinging

    • Itchiness

  • Sleeping in contacts is not advised by your eye care provider.

Financial Considerations

Our staff will work with you to take best advantage of your vision plan and insurance benefits to find the best package that suits budgets of all sizes.  Our main concern, as always, is what's best for our patients.

In addition to working with most insurance and vision plans, we also offer a Care Credit payment plan.

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